Turnkey Pricing Calculation Advice

How Much Do Golden Eagle Log and Timber Homes Cost to Build?

Everybody wants to know what things cost before they proceed.
We do not want to take you down the wrong path. So, the best option is to call us at 1-800-270-5025 for a ballpark price.

For those of you who just need an approximate price to begin dreaming, here is one way to do it at home.

But first... let's explain Turnkey Pricing and what our pricing number represents. Watch the video below where Jon and Justin have a simple explanation for how you can figure out the Turnkey Price of our homes.

To find pricing for our floor plans: Go to our Plans and Pricing page, Select a plan, and scroll to the prices.

In this example we started with a $200,000.00 complete package that has 8x8 full logs.

Next Determine Your Package Type

The Complete Base Package, Complete Premium Package, and Complete Ultra Custom Timber Packages have a much different "package price" due to the various options in each package. Each of these packages has similar construction costs. So as the package price goes up, the ratio for determining the build cost goes down. The following multipliers should be used when trying to determine the approximate turnkey price of our homes in most parts of the country. Your area may be a bit lower or higher depending on regional construction costs.
Complete Base Package Turnkey Equation : {complete package price} X 3.0 = Approx. Turnkey Price

Complete Premium Package Turnkey Equation : {complete package price} X 2.6 = Approx. Turnkey Price

Complete Premium Package turnkey equation only works if you use one of the following three complete package types.
8"x8" Premium Full Log Complete Package or 8" Premium Half Log Complete Package or Complete Premium Exposed Beam Timber Package

Complete Ultra Custom Timber Package Turnkey Equation : {complete package price} X 1.6 = Approx. Turnkey Price

So a Complete Premium Package of $200,000 with a multiplier of 2.6 would equal $520,000.

Above the $520,000 represents a completely built home. Sometimes called a turnkey price. This number includes excavation of the foundation, basement, heating/cooling, flooring, plumbing, carpenter labor, electrical, etc.

Remember our complete package includes: the kitchen cabinets, plumbing fixtures, fireplace with stone, interior doors and trim and that is why it is important to use the complete package price, as a starting point.

If you prefer to have a 12x12 full log instead of an 8x8 full log simply add the cost difference between a 12x12 and 8x8 complete package price. Let's say the difference is $30,000.00 more. This home will turnkey for about $550,000.00.

However; if you would have taken the 12x12 full log package of $230,000.00 by the 2.6 multiplier, your total turnkey would be $589,000.00 which is too high because the only item that changed in the package is the full log, and the labor stayed the same for excavation of the foundation, basement, heating/cooling, flooring, plumbing, carpenter labor, electrical, etc.

If this seems a bit confusing... no worries. We did all the math for you. On each of our Most Popular Floor Plans we have all the package prices and turnkey prices figured out for all of our popular wall types using the national average turnkey multipliers.

Is this how you really price a log home?

No, absolutely not. We wish it would be that easy. This is called a ball park price. This just lets you know it is going to be somewhere in that range. For instance, you may not even have a basement or have conservative tastes. In that case, you may be able to use a multiplier of 2.2. If you are used to having the best of everything, you may want to use a multiplier of 3.3. Let's say the ballpark price is in your budget and your credit union or bank agrees with your budget numbers. The next step is to ask us to draw up your home. At this point, we will ask you about every detail of your new log home. From basement wall height, to your kitchen cabinet layout, to what you would like on all your walls and ceilings. Such as pine, tongue and groove, drywall, stone, half log, etc. With this information we can now complete your blueprints and price your log home and in the meantime we will provide the mason, plumber, HVAC, electrician, drywall installer, flooring installer, etc. with a set of plans to also provide you with an exact bid.

Below are great examples of how easy it is to make the wrong pricing assumptions without us asking a lot of questions first.

Now, imagine a 1,500 sq. ft. log home in your mind. Then you call us and ask how much is a 1,500 sq. ft. log home? Below are three 1,500 sq. ft. log home floor plans. All are exactly the same sq. ft., but have different things to offer. Two of them have garages, one has a walk out basement, one has a porch, all three have different windows, roof overhangs, etc. Which one were you picturing in your mind?

That is only what you can see. What about the log size? Granite countertops vs. Formica countertops? How about a lot of dry wall vs. a lot of wood tongue & groove? Plus, the unlimited amount of other variables and choices.

Then there are many differences in lot costs: Mountain side vs. flat land, full basement vs. concrete slab, long driveway vs. short driveway, deep well vs. shallow well, conventional septic vs. mound system, etc.

The only way to give you an exact price is for you to discuss things with us very thoroughly, meaning several hours of your time. Only after we fully understand exactly what you are looking for would we be able to offer you a written 17-page contract on your home.

For more information on Getting Started you can Click Here.

The three log homes below all have the same "livable" square footage and base floor plan. However, the materials needed to build each home differ. This home is one of our most popular designs.

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