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Full Log Construction Example
Full Log - $$$ (Traditional solid log construction)
The exterior walls of the home are authentic round, square or D shape solid log. All of the interior partition walls are stud-framed, which allows you to select the wall finish that you would like to see. Types of wall finish include drywall, wood, stone, and more. The upper exterior gable ends and dormer areas of the home are also stud-framed, giving you extra flexibility to choose the exterior look or accent that you want. These exterior finish options include, but are not limited to: matching half log, cedar shingles, or maintenance-free products.

Half Log Construction Example
Half Log - $$$ or Quarter Log - $$+
The exterior walls of the home look exactly like a full log home, but are framed with 2x6 studs. This home and wall system is insulated similar to conventional home construction. Half logs are full logs sawed (rip-cut) in half. Half log is attached to the exterior of the home with concealed fasteners. We also offer handcrafted saddle notch, dovetail, butt & pass, or vertical log corners, which we create from our full logs to maintain authenticity. We believe that the key reason why people select our half log system over our full log home system is to acquire flexibility. With a Golden Eagle half or quarter log home, one can choose drywall or any wall finish that they desire for any or every interior wall in the home.

Custom Timber / Exposed Beam Construction Example
Custom Timber - $$$$ or Exposed Beam - $$$ (Non-structural timber)
Most people want design freedom and would like to choose how many timber trusses or exposed beams they have in their home and where they want to see them. This is possible because Golden Eagle engineers the home to support itself and the timbers become only decorative. This is a custom home, so chose any exterior siding you wish. We offer maintenance-free types such as stucco, clap board, stone, shakes, or lap sidings to match your subdivision or rustic siding for that lake or mountain retreat.

Timber Frame Construction Example
Timber Frame - $$$$$ (Structural timber)
If your heart is set on building a structural-bearing timber frame home, then this is for you. Timber frame homes are built like furniture, using wood joinery, such as mortise and tenon, held in place with wooden pegs. The exterior walls of the home can be SIPS or conventionally insulated stick frame, which encapsulates the entire structure. Then you can have any exterior siding you wish for a subdivision-friendly looking home. The beauty of the massive timbers, curved braces, and dramatic ceilings can be enjoyed from the home's interior. Many of our customers use a mix of drywall and tongue & groove, but of course, it's your choice.

We manufacture over 400 log and timber choices. Above you see six different structure types, but in reality, the choices are unlimited. Taller walls, higher ceilings, different windows, steeper roofs... just tell us what you want.

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Complete PackageDetailed Specifications
One-Stop-Shopping is why Golden Eagle has sold over 5,000 homes
Golden Eagle's Complete package has evolved into what most customer's want and is, by far, the easiest way to purchase a log or timber frame package. Our "one-stop-shopping" approach creates the most thorough and stress-free package on the market. Kitchen and bath cabinetry, fireplace & stone, plumbing fixtures, interior doors & finish materials, even the kitchen sink... all with unlimited choices.
Shell PlusDetailed Specifications
We call ours a shell plus because we include more than other companies' shell packages
When shopping for a shell package, note that every company's package is different and none that we know of is more complete than ours. Every company includes different things. To some, weathertight shell packages may mean tar paper on the roof and no windows, soffit, fascia, decks, exterior trims, stain, etc. The Golden Eagle Shell Plus package is truly a weathertight package. It includes everything you need to button up the exterior of your home, even the code-compliant plans.
One of a Kind
This home can be as unique as you are. No rules, let your creativity flow
One of a Kind is when custom and unique best describe what you are going to build.This is the place to start, whether you want a totally custom home, riding arena, pool pub, boat house, horse stable, trophy room, or lodge.

We will guide you through over 400 Log and Timber choices.

Choose Your Corner Style ... (for Full, Half, and Quarter Log)

Dovetail Corner
Dovetail Corner Style
Saddle Notch Corner
Saddle Notch Corner Style
Butt & Pass Corner
Butt & Pass Corner Style
Vertical Corner
Vertical Corner Style
(Square or Round)
Curve Cut Corner
Curve Cut Corner Style

Choose Your Log Shape & Size ...

Super Round "D"
Super Round "D" Log Style
Available In: 8" x 8"
10" x 10"
12" x 12"

Super Round
Double Round

Super Round/Double Round Log Style
Available In: 8" x 8"
10" x 10"
12" x 12"

Timber Log (Square Log)
Timber Log (Square Log) Style
Available In: 4" x 8"
6" x 12"
10" x 10"
8" x 8"
8" x 12"
12" x 12"

Double Tongue & Grove "D"
Double Tongue & Grove "D" Log Style
Available In:8" x 8"

Tongue & Grove Timber Log
Tongue & Grove Timber Log Style
Available In:6" x 12"
8" x 12"

Select Your Texture ...

This texture is neither perfectly smooth nor rough. It offers a broad appeal to many log home enthusiasts.

Standard Peel
This peel is irregular and semi-rustic. As our most popular peel, it has earned the label as standard peel.

Hand Hewn
A very rugged and unique manual peel which looks most similar to an old fashioned Adz-style peel.

Hand Peeled
This manually created peel looks authentic to an old fashioned draw knife peel.

Select Timber Accents (If you wish) ...

Arched Truss
Arched Truss
Hammer Truss with Arch Image
Hammer Truss with Arch
Hammer Truss Image
Hammer Truss
Scissor Truss Image
Scissor Truss
Arched Queen Truss Image
Arched Queen Truss

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