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Latest Videos   36 videos

Watch The latest videos including the Building My Dream Home video series.

DIY Building a Home   3 videos

This video series will take you through the DIY process of building your dream home.

Inside This Amazing Timber Lake 2779AR-UCT Ranch   3 videos

An Ultra Custom Timber Series Home

Log Home Construction Video Series   8 videos

You will get a behind the scenes look at how our log homes are manufactured and constructed.

Building My Dream Home Video Series   10 videos

A video series that follows the construction if a Timber Frame home from start to finish.

Builders Series   15 videos

Get details on how to assemble a Golden Eagle Log or Timber home

Informational / Research   10 videos

Want to know the details about Golden Eagle's packages and the services we provide? These videos have answers to nearly any question you may have.

Log & Timber Home Photo Tours   18 videos

Take a photo tour of several Log & Timber Homes

Golden Eagle's Innovations   3 videos

See what is unique to Golden Eagle Log and Timber Homes

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