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Golden Eagle Log Homes'
Super Insulated
Engineered Full Log

Golden Eagle Log Homes' Super Insulated Engineered Full Log

We have added a High Tech Super Insulated Full Log System to our product line. For many years Golden Eagle has been well known for being one of the few companies that offers both full log and half log construction. And now, we have added an insulated full log wall system. With this new Golden Eagle building system the core of log is a solid foam billet encased by solid wood. This unique insulating system will in almost every case double the R-Factor of the typical solid log wall. This new full log system is engineered and designed to be as perfect as a log can be and at half the weight. This will quickly become a builder’s best friend.

Golden Eagle Log Homes' Super Insulated Engineered Full Log System

The new High Tech log is available in several choices of wood species including Eastern White Pine, Western Red Cedar, White Cedar, Douglas Fir, Cypress, Spruce and Lodge Pole Pine. This is an engineered log system so you can actually mix the species of wood on your home. You can have one species on the inside and a completely different species on the outside. One of the reasons mixing species is becoming popular could be as simple as having the dark rich look such as Western Red Cedar exterior but not wanting the interior of the home to become dark so opting for a Pine or Spruce interior. The new High Tech Log system is available in many shapes and sizes including Dovetail, Saddle Notch and Butt and Pass. For those of you looking to build a garage or “out building” to match your new High Tech Log Home but don’t need the extra insulation you will be happy to hear Golden Eagle offers an exact match half and quarter log product that will match your home to a tee.

Call us at 1-800-270-5025 if you would like more information about our Super Insulated Full Log.