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The Perfect Home Plan For You

Every family is uniquely different, so it stands to reason the perfect home plan for your family has yet to be drawn. If you are like most folks, you have some ideas about what your new home should look like, but need some help getting those ideas on paper. This is where the Golden Eagle residential design department comes into play. We will work with you and your ideas to help create the perfect plan for your family. Whether your starting point is a sketch, a plan you tore out of a magazine or a plan printed from a website, we can use that as a starting point and just keep rolling from there.
Frequently Asked Questions About Custom Log Homes
Featured Custom Home Floor Plans

Q. So how much does it cost to create custom home plans?
A. $1.00 per (heated) square foot of home which means all open porches, decks, unfinished basement areas and attached garages are drawn for free. Plus you should know that when you buy your home package, you actually receive credit back for the cost of the plans. Yes, you end up getting your custom plans for free! How can you beat that?

Q. What should we expect if we go ahead with having our custom study plans drawn?
A. You should expect actual plans that are drawn to scale, which include floor plans and all four exterior (elevations) views. You may request multiple changes as your plans are evolving and unless you make hundreds of changes they are all done for free. Now that you have detailed, scaleable plans, there is nothing holding you back from getting accurate pricing. You will now be able to share the plans with your family and friends so that they can share in the excitement of your log home.

Q. How do we get started?
A. Just call Golden Eagle Log Homes or one of our Independent Dealers. Having study plans drawn is a very enjoyable experience for most people. No worries – we will walk you through the process, step-by-step.

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Colorado - Log Home Floor Plans
2016Total Sq.Ft.
3 Garage Stalls
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Eagle Prow 6 - Log Home Floor Plans
Eagle Prow 6
2240Total Sq.Ft.
2 Garage Stalls
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Shenandoah I - Log Home Floor Plans
Shenandoah I
3206Total Sq.Ft.
4 Garage Stalls
More Details
Wintergreen I - Log Home Floor Plans
Wintergreen I
1536Total Sq.Ft.
2 Garage Stalls

...I drew my own, plan; on the back of a napkin no less; and the folks at Golden Eagle Log Homes produced a plan and showed me what, in a few areas, might work better…without even bruising my ego…My home as of this writing is 98 percent finished and I could not be happier. It is excellent. And no hassles along the way.

M. Ripp

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Frequently Asked Questions About Custom Log Home Plans