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The Perfect Home Plan for You

Every family is uniquely different from each other, so it stands to reason the perfect home plan for your family has yet to be drawn. If you are like most people, you have some ideas about what your new home should look like, but need some help getting those ideas on paper. This is where the Golden Eagle Log Home residential design department comes into play. We will work with your ideas to help create the perfect plan for your family. Whether your starting point is a sketch, a home plan you tore out of a magazine, or even printed from a website -- we can use that as a starting point and begin from there.
Frequently Asked Questions About Custom Log Homes
Featured Custom Home Floor Plans

Q. How much does it cost to create custom home plans?
A. It costs $1.00 per (heated) square foot of home. This means all open porches, decks, unfinished basement areas and attached garages are drawn free-of-charge! Also, when you buy your home package -- you actually receive full credit back for the cost of the plans. In short, provided you purchase your home package, you get your custom plans drawn for free!

Q. What should we expect if we go ahead with having our custom study plans drawn?
A. You should expect actual plans that are drawn-to-scale. This will include floor plans and all four exterior views (elevations). You may request multiple changes as your plans are evolving. These changes are all done without additional charges. Now that you have detailed and scalable plans, there is nothing holding you back from accurate pricing. You will be able to share the plans with your family and friends so they can share in the excitement of your new log home.

Q. How do we get started?
A. To begin the process, simply call Golden Eagle Log and Timber Homes or one of our Independent Proprietors. The process of having your study plans drawn is a very enjoyable experience for most people. We will walk you through the process step-by-step.

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Eagle Prow 6
2240Total Sq.Ft.
2 Garage Stalls
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Country's Best Louisiana
4895Total Sq.Ft.
 No Garage
More Details
Country's Best Rocky
4073Total Sq.Ft.
4 Garage Stalls
More Details
Countryside II
1287Total Sq.Ft.
2 Garage Stalls

I drew a sketch on the back of a napkin of what I wanted my plan to look like. The people at Golden Eagle Log and Timber Homes helped me design my dream home based off my drawings. They very politely advised me as to what might work better in some areas. My home is almost complete and I could not be happier!

M. Rippa

  Give us a call and we will help answer any questions you may have.1-800-270-5025

Frequently Asked Questions About Custom Log Home Plans

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Can your standard floor plans be modified or changed?

Yes, Yes, Yes!

We cannot even remember the last time somebody built a stock plan and didnt change something. We have designers on staff full time to help you get your dream log home designed the way you want it.

I need more bedrooms, but don't want to build a huge home. What can I do?

Many of our customers create additional bedrooms in the basement. Larger windows, called Egress windows, would need to be installed to meet building code requirements. These windows not only allow natural light in, but also provide a fire escape.

Modern basements are insulated, warm and dry, have high ceilings, and with large windows or a walk out wall are cheery and comfortable.

Do I need to hire an architect for my new log home?
No. Golden Eagle Log and Timber Homes designs and engineers hundreds of log homes each year. Most architects do an assortment of designs (supermarkets, churches, schools, parking garages) and may never have designed a log home in their career.
Can I add onto my full log home in the future?

Yes, we have done it many times for our past customers.

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