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What is an Exposed Beam Timber Frame Design?
Exposed Beam Timber Frame Design Option Explained

Exposed Beam Timber Frame Pool House Pub

An exposed beam timber frame design is an extremely flexible platform to build upon with your own creative ideas. You can combine round logs with square timbers, stone, stucco, cedar, or cement shakes with siding accents. Think of this as a blank canvas. Both the interior and exterior of the home can be designed to your taste. This opens up nearly endless possibilities in regards to your home's appearance. Both inside and out. If you don't consider yourself the creative type, we have an expert staff to help you along the way.

Nearly anything is possible with an Exposed Beam Timber Frame Design Log Home.

Note: All of our floor plans can be adapted to exposed beam timber frame designs. Or, you can send us your favorite floor plan and we can convert it to an exposed beam look and feel.

Hand Hewn Finish Exposed Beams have a rough rustic appearance and add a rich texture to the timbers.

Smooth Finish Exposed Beams have a more refined look and offer a smooth and elegant feel when touched.

Dual Walk-in Shower with heated floor and heated towel shelves.

Exposed Smooth Timber Bathroom where the timbers add warmth and elegance to the room.

Open Concept Great Room with exposed timbers that visually break up plain walls and add a lot of eye appeal.

Breakfast Nook with exposed timbers and tongue and groove wood ceiling has a lot of warm rustic personality.

Maintenance Free Options with exposed log accents have minimal maintenance and maximum curb appeal.

Exposed Timber & Log glass walls are a great way to frame the perfect view.

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Frequently Asked Questions About
Exposed Beam Timber Frame Log Homes:

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Can an Exposed Beam Timber Frame have a maintenance free exterior?
Can we have mostly drywall or plaster on the interior of our home?
Yes. You decide what you want on the inside of your home.
What do the terms Exposed Beam or Timber Frame refer to?
Golden Eagle has two types of timber frame packages:
  1. Exposed Beam: We use the words Exposed Beam Timber Frame when the timber frame home isn't framed structurally with timbers. We can save our customers up to 50% when we engineer and build the home conventionally and then just add the timber or log accents for aesthetics.
  2. Structural Beam: Structural Beam Timber Framing is when the "beams" or timbers create the structural skeleton of the home.
We just want the square timber frame or exposed beam look in the Great Room. Can we do that?
Yes, you can have square or round accents in any room or none of the rooms. This is your customized home. Therefore, you decide what is right for you.
How energy efficient are Golden Eagle Exposed Beam Timber Frame homes?
Golden Eagle's Exposed Beam Timber Frame home is super energy efficient. It is very common to go with our R-38 wall system and our R-65 roof system. This is approximately twice as much insulation R-factor as the average new home being built today.
Does an Exposed Beam Timber Frame cost more than a log home?
A Golden Eagle Exposed Beam Timber Frame home is similar in price to a Golden Eagle Log Home.
Can we have some Timber accents on the exterior of our home?
Sure, round or square timber accents are common. It's your choice.
I have been tearing out cool ideas when I see them in magazines. Can we use some of those ideas into our plans?
Yes! Show us or tell us about your dream home and then our home designers can tie things together for you.
I want the old fashioned clap board exterior look on the outside of my home, can I get that?
Yes, this is a totally custom home. You can have whatever you want.